Zero & One: MDC’s Data Advantage

Founded by a group of marketing, data, and analytics veterans, Zero & One provides MDC Partners’ award-winning creative, media, and PR agencies with top data intelligence.

Brad Simms

CEO & President

As CEO & President, Brad leads the overall strategy and business direction of Zero & One. A marketer with 20 years of experience, Brad is focused on helping brands get more value from their data.

Behrad Bayanpour

Growth Officer

Behrad is focused on building client partnerships with brands across the MDC Partners network. A former Consultant, Behrad brings a wealth of experience across industries ranging from financial services, to retail, to technology.

John Whisell

Chief Data Scientist

As a Senior Data Scientist with a Ph.D. in Computer Science, John is passionate about helping brands get more value from data through optimization, comparative program languages, and supervised and unsupervised learning techniques.

Andrea Toop


As Communications lead for Zero & One, Andrea is focused on public relations, internal and external communications, and content development.

Prakash Kini

Head of Platform Delivery

With over 22 years of technology delivery leadership experience, Prakash helps enterprises make intelligent business decisions in today’s connected world. His brings a deep expertise in both the financial services and energy domains, where he has led transformative trading and risk implementations.

Gaurav Ganeriwal

Product Management

As Zero & One’s Product Strategist, Gaurav is working at the intersection of strategy, data science and digital marketing to shape its customer data platform offering. A former Technology Consultant and Product Innovation Lead for a large telco, Gaurav brings a wealth of experience in customer experience, product strategy and digital innovation.