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What is a Customer Data Platform?


A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a marketer managed platform that can pull in a brand’s 1st party data from across multiple online and offline sources. This data is then enriched with 3rd party sources to deliver a unified customer view. Through this persistent customer view, marketers can find insights in their data, and use those insights to send marketing messaging to known customers.

Some Platforms Promise the World, Alchemy Delivers on its Promises

Alchemy for CMOs: Personalize with Precision

For CMOs who want to better understand their customers, deliver relevant marketing experiences and drive measurable results, Alchemy rapidly provides:

• Actionable customer-level insights

• Clear articulation of ROI on marketing spend

• Tactical strategies to increase customer lifetime value & reduce churn

Alchemy for Marketing Analysts: Inventory Management Insights

For Marketing Analysts caught between the pressure to offload inventory and identify strategies to encourage customers to shop more often, Alchemy delivers:

• A unified platform that collects, cleans, and enriches a brand’s 1st party data

• A persistent cross-channel customer view that powers personalized offers and messages

• Actionable insights to achieve efficient and effective inventory management

Alchemy for Technologists: Built to Achieve Business Needs

For CIOs who want to drive business transformation but are under siege to deliver critical BI projects ranging from building a data lake to structuring the business data horizontally, Alchemy:

• Empowers CIOs to stay focused on their important BI projects

• Delivers a non-intrusive solution that can ingest data from existing landscapes

• Creates an operational marketing database that structures customer data longitudinally to reveal a customer’s journey

How Fortune 500 Companies Benefit from our Customer Data Platform

Data Organization, Cleansing, and Enrichment

Alchemy takes in mass amounts of unstructured 1st party data from across multiple systems (including behavioral, transactional, and demographic data). This data is then organized from a marketer’s lens and enriched with secondary data sources to find indisputable customer truths.

Operationalizing Contextually Relevant Experiences

Everyone talks about right person, right content, right time – but how do you make this scalable? Alchemy rapidly segments customers into micro-clusters based on shared behaviors and marketable features to identify the most relevant content for each customer.

Increasing Customer Lifetime Value

Alchemy determines each customer’s lifetime value for a brand and identifies ways to increase a customer’s value over time. This is achieved through targeted offers, relevant recommendations, and connected marketing experiences.

Dashboards & Data Visualizations

Alchemy’s intuitive dashboards and data visualizations put marketers in the driver’s seat. Whether you want to launch campaigns based on business priorities, offload excess inventory, or identify exciting new business opportunities, Alchemy’s marketer-first solutions are easy to action.

Insights & Strategies

We get to the root cause of business problems by applying advanced analytics and machine learning to data. Our team of data scientists and strategists can help you find answers to questions around pricing models, customer lifetime migration models, churn models, and acquisition demand generation models.

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