Which leads should my team focus on and why?

The Challenge

With limited sales people and a high volume of prospects, many businesses struggle to prioritize sales leads. How can you be certain which leads are the most valuable and where your sales team should focus their attention? Once identified, how do you ensure that your new leads strategy is adopted by the sales team?

What We Do

  • We begin by understanding your business drivers and sales processes
  • Looking at the historical purchase funnel, we identify actionable marketing features that are predictive of a future sale within a specific time horizon
  • We train lead scoring models on historical data to test and validate future sales patterns
  • We account for specific circumstances (i.e. data sparsity or a new product launch) and add in business rules based on sales knowledge
  • We test and iterate the leads with sales teams to get their feedback throughout the process, helping to ensure a successful adoption of the new leads approach
  • We productionize the sales leads model so it can be run after every new customer interaction – integrating this model into the Sales team tools to ensure they have the most relevant information

We Also Provide Answers to these Questions

  • Which clients should I approach to cross-sell or up-sell? 
  • Which types of leads are better handled through automation? 
  • What questions should I be asking leads up front to predict if they’ll convert?