What are some ways that my brand can collect customer data?

The Challenge

Associating behaviors and transactions to specific customers can be difficult for brands with limited data. And, when there’s no incentive for your customers to self-disclose information, it can be challenging to collect the data needed to fuel personalized experiences and relevant content.

What We Do

  • We begin by assessing the current state of data hygiene (Is the customer data incomplete? Are there errors within it? Is it up to date?)
  • We analyze customer data for sparsity/non-sparsity of critical data and ensure it includes actionable marketing features
  • We develop measurement strategies and taxonomies for media and content, and run experiments to learn about a customer based on their interactions with a brand (e.g. are they clicking on e-mails targeted at small business vs enterprise, or filling out quizzes to discover what kind of shopper they are?)
  • We analyze current loyalty programs to see how efficient and effective they are at driving behavior and collecting insights – modifying our clients’ loyalty programs based on these learnings
  • We develop inference models that leverage high quality information about select known customers, and apply this to customers with worse data who resemble them
  • We make clear recommendations on ways of collecting data; working with you to launch programs and experiences (if applicable) that can be used to collect the most critical data

We Also Provide Answers to these Questions

  • What are the most important things to know about my customers to predict their next action? 
  • What benefits/products/services matter most to my customers?
  • Do I need a loyalty program? Do I need to modify my existing loyalty program?
  • How do I make sure I’m capturing all available information about my customers?