Which media is working harder: TV or search?

The Challenge

It can be difficult to attribute marketing and media spend to business results; and knowing the campaign elements that you should change mid-flight can have a major impact on your bottom line. This process is about determining how you can combine different media mixes to drive even higher results. You also need to understand where your attribution models are giving you false reads.  For example, when is paid search performing in isolation, or performing because it was driven by a local TV or radio ad?

What We Do

  • Develop a multi-touch attribution model to help understand the value of each interaction throughout a customer’s unique journey
  • Conduct experiments to test timing and frequency – continually optimizing creative and media type, as well as seeing what combinations of media types drive performance
  • We develop timing models and conduct statistical analysis to drive insights that marketers can act on and use to refine their media plans and tactics

We Also Provide Answers to these Questions

  • How should I allocate my marketing dollars to get better ROI?

  • How do I synchronize my campaigns over different channels to get more value?