Should I have the same marketing spend across all customers?

The Challenge

Many brands have a “one size fits all” approach to marketing and promotional campaigns. Identifying where to over or underinvest marketing efforts is often where the challenge lies.

What We Do

  • We create an integrated view of your customer organized around their transactions and behaviors
  • We group customers into small clusters based on their shared marketable traits (looking at behavioral, transactional, and demographic data) – this enables us to tailor the right content to the right group
  • We calculate a customer’s value based on their spending patterns as well as their propensity to migrate up or down in value
  • We understand your customer’s location and the virtual and physical layout of your store. We also determine how close your competitors are and identify critical battleground areas or experiences
  • We partner with you to develop a marketing reinvestment curve that is economically viable for your business, while still being attractive to customers – this will become the basis for critical decisions around marketing spend. It can be deployed at a customer level, at an existing store level, and at a new store level

We Also Provide Answers to these Questions

  • What do my different customers look like?
  • How do I determine the lifetime value of my various customers?
  • How much should I reinvest in my customers? 
  • What type of media, content, and promotions are the most effective?
  • How much money should I spend to drive traffic to an existing physical store?
  • How much money should I spend to support a new store opening?