What is the total size of my market and what percentage can I reach? Out of that group, what percentage are buying right now?

The Challenge

Many brands struggle to understanding their total addressable market due to limited market segmentation. Without this knowledge, finding new leads and segments to market to, and understanding key percentages can be near impossible.

What We Do

  • We analyze the current prospect/customer base to identify actionable marketing features that can be used to segment customers
  • We augment first party data with third party data (either from paid specialty sources and/or by writing bots) to scrape public & government information
  • We eliminate duplicate data records to avoid accuracy issues
  • Looking at historical conversion patterns and business context, we’re able to see why a customer is buying (or not buying)
  • We develop weightings to score different segments and arrive at a serviceable market definition

We Also Provide Answers to these Questions

  • What types of consumers or businesses should I be targeting?
  • How many prospects are there, and who are they?
  • Who cares most about my product offering?
  • How do I get customers into my marketing funnel?